Materials used by Heritage Street Furniture

"Regardless of the material chosen Heritage prides itself on attention to detail and understanding customers requirements, advising on what is the most sensible product and material for specific locations."


Heritage Street Furniture timber products are supplied using timber that has been sourced from sustainable forest plantations. We as a supplier are keen to ensure that we are using materials that fall in line with the environmental policies within the timber industries.


Castings on all our products are manufactured using either timber or aluminium pattern equipment. Two standards of iron are supplied:

  • BS EN 1561 Cast Iron (flake iron) for standard products that do not need any impact resistance protection.
  • BS EN 1563 Spheroidal Graphite Iron (nodular iron). This type of ductile iron is slightly more expensive than flake cast iron, but will withstand a higher level of impact and will deform considerably before breaking. This standard of iron should be used on castings that are subject to a risk of impact once installed.

Castings are shotblasted and fettled then primer painted. Depending on which product is supplied, castings can be finished painted black or in a choice of RAL colours.


Steel, because of its strength is an ideal choice for street furniture. Most of our steel products are protected by hot dipped galvanising in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461.

As an additional feature polyester powder coating can be applied to give colour as well as being more wear resistant.

Stainless Steel

Two grades of stainless steel are supplied on all our stainless steel products. They are from the Austenitic range. For manufacture of furniture to be installed in urban locations grade 304 (1.4301EN classification) is used. For seafronts and busy public areas, grade 316 (1.4401 EN classification) is used as this offers a higher resistance to corrosion.


Heritage Street Furniture’s range of Polyurethane Elastomer (PU) street furniture is manufactured using an engineering grade polyurethane, and for added strength on Heritage range of bollards, cast around a central core. Pigment colour can be matched to the finished colour. Resistant to corrosion and needing low maintenance.


Polyethylene (PE) is an ideal material for street furniture. Because of the durability of this material, with outstanding impact resistance, it makes an ideal choice for products to be installed in external environments. The mechanical properties are tested to BS 2782.


The highest quality grades of concrete are used in the manufacture of Heritage products. Cubes of concrete are quality control tested to ensure they reach a maximum specification of 30 N/mm2 at 28 days old. Concrete is tested in accordance with EN 12390-3:2002.