History of Heritage Street Furniture

Heritage Street Furniture is now one of the leading long established suppliers of Street Furniture in the UK, and started life in the early 1950s in the thriving industrial heartland of the North West of England.

Originally called Heritage Nouveau Street Furniture, the company incorporated Town and Country Castings with the foundry based in the industrial town of Colne in Lancashire, where castings in various Iron alloys and Aluminium were manufactured to approved British Standard specifications.

In 1991 Heritage Nouveau sold the business to G.T Castings based in the adjacent town of Burnley.G.T. Castings continued to supply castings in Iron and Aluminium, but also extended the range of Street Furniture to include wrought iron and architectural products. At this time the business was renamed Heritage Street Furniture.

Due to reorganisation Heritage Street Furniture was sold in 2005 to the present owners Isaac Butterworth (Ironfounders) Ltd.

Today the company's portfolio has been extended to include products manufactured in grey and spheroidal graphite iron, wrought iron, galvanised and stainless steel fabrications, timber, polyurethane, GRP and concrete.

Heritage Street Furniture product range includes Bollards, Hoop Barriers, Post and Rail, Barriers and Gates, Seating, Litter and Recycling Bins, Planters, Cycle Stands, Cycle Shelters, Signage, Finger Posts, Display Cases and Tree Protection.

Bespoke designs are also manufactured to customers' requirements.

Catalogues from past to present

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