Semi Dome Top Double Ring
Semi Dome Top Double Ring

Semi Dome Top Double Ring

  • Heritage steel bollards are exceptionally strong, ensuring they are ideal for protecting pedestrian and parking areas.
  • Supplied in various diameters and lengths to suit areas in which they are to be installed.
  • Bollards are supplied galvanized with the option of powder coated Black as standard.
  • Other RAL and BS colours can also be supplied.
  • Options:
    • Anti-ram
    • Separate cap for concrete infill
    • Base plate
    • Lift out and lockable
    • Galvanised only
    • Hazard banding
    • Chain connection
  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 168mm (also available in 114mm and 139mm diameter)
    • Overall height: 1500mm
    • Height above ground: 1000mm
    • Weight: 30kg

Product Options

HSF411300Semi Dome Top Double Ring Bollard

Fixing Options

  • Root Fixed:
    • Manufactured with root to be concreted directly into the ground. Bollards have cross bars welded into the root to ensure the bollard cannot be twisted or removed after installation.
  • Base Plate:
    • Where root fixing is not possible bollards are supplied with an integral base fixing plate, which is attached to the ground using bolts.
  • Removable:
    • When temporary access is needed these bollards are ideal. 
    • They can be easily removed to gain access and replaced when access is to be restricted.


  • Standard:
    • Steel bollards are exceptionally strong and will not fracture on impact ensuring they are ideal for protecting pedestrian and parking areas.
  • Anti-Ram:
    • These bollards are intended to provide deterrence from ram raid. For added strength these bollards are reinforced with an internal steel joist.
  • Reinforced Anti-Ram:
    • Bollards are fitted with an internal steel joist which is filled on site with concrete, then closed off with a separate cap. 
    • This type of bollard is used in areas that require maximum protection.
    • Chains can be connected to these bollards to obtain access when required.
    • For areas that require extra visibility banding can be supplied.


Customised Options

  • Connections for Chain:
    • For sections that need to be opened chain can be connected to these bollards.
  • Reflective Banding:
    • For increased safety and visibility reflective tape can be added.