Manchester Bollard
Manchester Bollard

Manchester Bollard

  • Heritage Polyurethane bollards are manufactured from an extremely strong engineering grade polyurethane which is cast onto a central steel core.
  • Polyurethane is rust and corrosion resistant, which as well as reducing ongoing maintenance costs is an ideal material to be located in coastal and heavy trafficked areas.
  • Bollards are supplied in black with a polyurethane coating finish which chemically bonds itself to the surface. As an option most RAL and BS colours can be supplied.
  • Anti ram bollards can be supplied which are stronger than our standard bollard. These are moulded around several steel inner cores to ensure maximum strength.
  • Root fixing is supplied as standard, with removable offered as an option on most of our range.
  • Options of individual crests, logos, reflective discs and tapes can be incorporated to customers' requirements.
  • Ballotini rings are offered as an extra.
  • Fixing Methods:
    • Base Plate
    • Anti Ram
    • Removable
  • Options:
    • Reflective Tape
    • Ballotini
    • Hand Paint
    • Signs
    • Locking Socket
    • Chain Connection

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HSF510320Manchester Bollard
Dia: 225mm; Overall Length: 1265mm, HAG: 1000mm; Weight: 21kg.
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